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hotline service 01211114528

Zanussi Service Center

Zanussi center is the specialist in home appliances maintenance in Egypt.

Zanussi Egypt Is one of the most successful maintenance centers, in the field of maintenance of all Zanussi brands devices, and Zanussi is enthusiast as a leader in the sale and maintenance of contemporary, household electrical appliances, by caring for its customers.
Belonging and keen on customer service, through the understanding of our customers, and the center works on adding and innovation.
In the process of maintenance, and the use of the most advanced equipment, in the maintenance of Zanussi devices, which helps them to reach a better lifestyle for contemporary homes.
Than maintaining electrical appliances, of the Zanussi brand.
In addition, we seek at the Zanussi Brands Maintenance Center, to reach all customers, and guide customers to a better life, in choosing home appliances from Zanussi brands.
Which are among the best brands currently on the market, and therefore we have developed our brand gradually, and continuously, and we have put forward Zanussi maintenance site, with all information related to Zanussi , from the maintenance, sale and display of all Zanussi brands products.
as the Zanussi brands maintenance center, is one of the best centers, That provide comprehensive maintenance services, for all Zanussi brands and products.
You can also through, the center’s customer service, you can get the best service, we have customer service throughout the day, and the center includes the best engineers, who specialize in the maintenance of electrical home appliances, and in order to provide the best services.
The center provides its customers , with technical support at your service day and night, as we excel Quickly perform the repair, in order to provide the best services to our customers.
You can also communicate with us, and submit your suggestions, and you can also report malfunctions, of Zanussi Egypt devices through a home maintenance request. Contact us, or by e-mail ,or through the Zanussi maintenance center, hotline 01211114528
And requesting maintenance service, at any time to find the focused maintenance team ready, at any time throughout the week, as we are special by providing technical support , and advice through Zanussi customer service.
In order to provide services, that satisfy our customers, and we will receive any reports of breakdowns Zanussi , in order to immediately , start to move to the customer , and appeared Maintenance process
Zanussi Brands Maintenance Center , in all the governorates of the Republic, technical support and customer service 7/24,
The center provides immediate maintenance, for refrigerators, dryers, deep freezers, and washing machines, with original parts, and a guarantee on repairs and replacement parts, as we are satisfy to provide you with a squadron of equipped cars,
To cover all parts of the Republic to meet your needs, throughout the day, so as to quickly avoid sudden breakdowns

zanussi Technical Support

Do you have an issue with your appliance that you can’t solve yourself? Book an appointment with one of our local expert service technicians.

zanussi Customer Service

Quick help you through phone or whatsapp to make it easer for you, and you can also report faults of zanussi home appliances through a visit request

zanussi original spare parts

We offer guarantee on all original spare parts, in order to obtain complete peace of mind that your most important devices are protected from both technical failures.



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