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Technical Support
Maintenan all devices
Guaranteed Spare Parts
24-hours Customer Service

Technical Support

Technical Support

Maintain all Devices

Maintain all Devices

Guaranteed Spare Parts

Guaranteed Spare Parts

Customer Service

Customer Service


ZANUSSI Repair Home Appliances


zanussi original spare parts

Spare Parts

The center provides original spare parts, with warranty certificate against manufacturing defects.
zanussi Customer Service

Customer Services

Quick help you through phone or WhatsApp to make it easer for you or Hotline 01211114528 , and you can also report faults of zanussi home appliances through a visit request
zanussi Technical Support

Technical Support

Providing resolving a technical issues or problemes in the fastest, most cost-effective way
Zanussi Egypt

Italian Zanussi for Home Appliances

you will find all the possibilities available for comprehensive home maintenance

Zanussi branches and maintenance centers located in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria. All you have to do is contact the available technical support, on the Zanussi Egypt Repair Customer Service number 01211114528 , the hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WHY Zanussi

Zanussi center is the specialist in home appliances maintenance in Egypt.

The center works to add and innovate in the maintenance process and to use the latest advanced equipment in maintenance of zanussi devices.

So the center is always developing to increase the shelf life of the device.

You can also contact the center through customer service 01211114528 or submit a home maintenance request.

Among the most important features of the zanussi maintenance service center:

The center also guarantees the original and approved spare parts.

Just contact us and our representative will reach you wherever you are anywhere in Egypt

Guarantee of obtaining original spare parts.

We offer the best prices and discounts on maintenance of zanussi devices

Our Services

Your appliances are important. You use them every day – that's just how it should be. Contact Zanussi egypt to repair your home appliances

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